Friday; things I’m grateful for

I shameless stole this idea from Naomi who writes beautifully here Under the Yardarm. She stole it from someone else and so it goes around and around.

I have been wondering about blogging and have become more than a little intimidated by all the bloggers I’ve been reading. Lots of them write for a living. I have been writing while Benedict sleeps. I have also been thinking I need to diversify the topics I am writing about, lest the blog become; baby, blah blah blah, baby, blah blah, cute thing baby did, blah blah zzzzzzz.

With this in mind I am creating a new category entitled ‘The rest of my life’ to make sure I write about the other aspects of my life. Herewith, the first entry as a trial for a weekly event Friday; things I’m grateful for.


This week I am grateful for Robert. He has many fine qualities but the one that stands out this week is his steadfastness. He stands sure. He never wavers. Even when all the chips are down, being ground into the dirt by someone else’s heel, he’s able to find a tiny glimmer of light, a speck of sunlight to smile about.


Spring. It has cheered me up no end to wear my thongs, to plant some seeds, to be outside while the birds sing (even if I have ranted about the fucking wattle birds, koels calling at night and those damn miners; it is still nice to live in a place with lots of birds.) The flowering annuals and my peony rose which gave me two flowers this year, bring such joy.



My boobs. Sounds odd to be grateful for something that I’ve had for a long long time however bear with me. I am glad to have weaned Benedict. It was painful and emotional and I did not in the slightest enjoy it. Now it is complete and my body is returning to me, I am glad of my bosom and the how it makes me feel – not so mothery any more but womanly nonetheless.


Date night! Our newly formed round robin of baby sitting and date nights has yet to really hit its straps but when it does I can imagine the great excitement of knowing that there is a planned event waiting. In supporting our friends too, we are all contributing to keeping each other sane and to enjoying our children’s babyhood just that little bit more – by leaving them at home with someone else.


My beautiful mama friends. Without them this year would have been impossible misery.

And a plug for my writerly friend Theresa who’s award-winning short story is recognised in this new publication Award Winning Australian Writing 2010