First Day of the Year


Happy new year. Welcome to 2013. Centenary of Canberra and the year I will turn 40.
Today some teddies had a bath, Benedict booked in for swimming lessons, some naps were had.

Tonight I watched Casablanca. The story telling, and the scenes all lead to an ending we all know is coming but are not sure how it will arrive. Maybe that’s just me; in a sentimental mood.

I have many many plans for this year. In fact, I feel already like I am behind. Chief among them is to be myself. It’s about time.

I want to take the Australian Women’s Writers Challenge again, and perhaps complete it this time.

I will clean up the study and find some space for all my writing stuff. I might even have a crack at clearing out some junk. For now, I am going to read Back to Blood and revel in classic Tom Wolfe.

Fresh starts. What’s not to love?