Dear Daddy

19/07/2010 12:08pm

Dear daddy. I have TWO teeth. Love Benedict.

19/07/2010 1:24pm

Dear Benedict. You are a very clever little boy.
Daddy is very proud of you.

19/07/2010 1:25pm

Dear Daddy.
I am chewing on the activity cube mummy gave me to celebrate.
Mummy keeps clicking her tongue at me. I just smile.
Love Benedict

19/07/2010 1:27pm

Dear Benedict. Mummy can’t help clicking her tongue, just keep smiling.

19/07/2010 1:36

Dear Daddy.
I thought maybe she was cross but she’s laughing.
I will be pleased when you can help me work it out.
My mummy I mean.

19/07/2010 1:45pm

Dear Benedict, your mummy is a woman, I’ll tell you about them later.
You mustn’t try to work her out, it will just make your head hurt.
Do you want to watch the rugby this Saturday?

19/07/2010 1:48pm

Dear Daddy. What’s rugby?

19/07/2010 1:56pm

Dear Benedict, rugby is what we do when mummy is not around.