Friday – this week I am grateful for … being on holiday


Beach loungers - Cook Islands

This week marks the end of the first week of the year. We returned from our lovely holiday to the Cook Islands and, after completing the mammoth eight loads of washing, I started to relax. I mean properly, like I haven’t relaxed for, well ever.


One of the many fine features about my lovely man is that he is a good relaxer. He works hard. As hard as anyone I know. But when the work is done, boy can he relax! He knows how to just plonk himself on the couch in front of the cricket, or with his book, or with nothing at all, and just relax. He can do it for hours. He will be perfectly contented. He won’t wriggle or fuss, or need a tea or to have his pillows fluffed, he will just relax. Occasionally, he will look up, see what’s happening and then go back to what he was doing. It is beautiful to watch. It impresses me no end. I am especially envious of his capacity to relax, because I can’t.

I don’t do a fine line in lying on the couch. I don’t do one thing – I can’t single-task, only multi-task. I will make attempts to lie on the couch, but by the time I have assembled tea, book, chocolate, phones, blanket, pillows, put the cat in or out, shut the door, turned on the light and remembered to do something like turn on the washing machine, the time for relaxing is expended and there is no relaxing to be had. Or I will sit or lie down, only to then not be able to do one thing. So I read a bit of the book, flick through the magazine, glance up at the eddies of dust and need to remove them, send some messages, file my nails and drink my tea, think of something else I need to do and go do it – and all of these pursuits become totally unsatisfying.

In fact so bad am I at relaxing that I have decided to make it one of my new years’ resolutions. I started the year well. I went on a proper holiday. To a proper holiday place.

I did holiday things. I did no jobs – well nearly no jobs. I had daytime sleeps – three of them. I went swimming. I had a lie down on a banana lounge – at the beach!!! Off to a good start.

I need help to continue. I need to be encouraged to NOT do everything right now. I need to just read my book. To savour my whole cup of tea in a cup and a saucer while it is hot and delicious. I need to learn to better concentrate on doing just one, and only one, thing at a time. Please remind me.

This week, I am grateful to have my man show me how to relax. To set a fine example to me of just doing one thing, of lying down and not moving for a while. I am very glad we can be home together for a little while.


Cook Islands