It’s my birthday

Today is my birthday. I do love a good birthday and I am especially pleased with this one so far, and it is only 07:45.

On Sunday, I received a text from one of my dear friends asking me if I would babysit for her on Monday night. The thoughts I had, in order, were: of course ~ out to dinner on a Monday? ~ is it a special occasion? ~ her birthday is in July ~ wonder what is going on?

So I called out to Robert, who was in the study, Liz wants me to babysit Monday, is that ok? Sure, he says that’s good. I sent a message back saying sure – anything special? No, she replied just a date night.

Monday was nice, a play/coffee date in the morning with another good friend. There is something suspicious going on I said, lots of weirdness. Oh really, she said, I love a bit of intrigue! Then the afternoon of Monday, a text to say dinner would be provided – now getting quite suspicious as our date night rules are that the couple going out don’t do anything but go out. The sitter comes over with their own dinner. Robert arrives home and then says he’s not taking Talking Boy to cricket training. I am now on FULL ALERT!

Then a bit of mysterious shopping, a few general hints about ‘having things to do’ and that it was no bad thing I was going out. I had picked basil and I was making myself a salad. I was suddenly getting a really had time for making a salad. What are you doing? Robert asks. I am just making a salad to take with me, I say. I then sent a text saying I am leaving now and off I went.

Liz lives not 5 minutes drive away. As I drive up I think, that’s a lot of cars for Liz’s street. When suddenly I see a flash of red. As I get closer, three of my very best girl friends leap out from behind a gum tree waving balloons.

Laughing our heads off, and the three of them bursting with their cleverness, we make our way inside and have a lovely dinner with French champagne (I love you Theresa) and delicious food (I love you Lizzie) and sticky date pudding (I love you too Leah). It was fantastic. While I knew something was up, they pulled it off. A real surprise party for my birthday. It was lovely. Thank you to all the conspirators.


There has  been a lot of fuss over this birthday of mine today. It’s not a big birthday. It doesn’t end in 5 or 0. But it is significant anyway because last year my birthday was enough to put me off them for life. Something had to be done to save my birthday from annihilation.

In 2010, there was no cake. Too tired, too stressed. No party. No celebrations. Just crying. Love, of course, but oceans of tears. It was important that 2011 did not in any way resemble birthday 2010. The planning for 2011 started early. Much discussion. Then there was a secret surprise dinner. And then this dinner.

Tonight Robert cooked a three course meal. Three fantastic dishes. He made strawberry jelly – from scratch. He roasted a duck. He bought scallops – a shellfish, which he doesn’t usually eat. All of these magic ingredients came together in a stylish, delicious dinner. Thank goodness I ended up with someone who loves to cook and loves to eat.

Best birthday ever!