Help me chose the book for Write on Wednesday

I need some help. (No not like that!)

This week on Write On Wednesday, I have to chose the eighth book from the shelf and use the eighth line from the eighth page to start a five minute writing exercise. Fine except which shelf?

Here are three possible choices:

1. Gyp jumped and gave a short bark, as much as to say, ‘Of course.’

Adam Bede – George Eliot

2. He filled his glass, emptied it, and fell silent, immersed in his own thoughts.

Crime and Punishment – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

3. Nothing had changed. He stood up, uneasily scanned the stony landscape.

The Delicate Prey – Paul Bowles


So, dear reader, what’s it to be? Leave me a comment with your choice! Most votes here and on twitter will be my homework!

Postscript: The results were clear, Dostoyevsky it is.

Write on Wednesdays - help me chose