Sometimes life is just annoying

It is true that sometimes, I resemble Zorg from the film Fifth Element. Not the evil, world domination parts, but they part that likes control of the domain he occupies, the clean, tidy desk he rests his feet on. As he tells Cornelius ‘Life, which you so nobly serve, come from destruction, disorder and chaos.’ He has clearly never heard of the ‘broken window fallacy’ but I digress.

I like it neat. I like it organised, smooth, well ordered. I like to be on time. I like things to just work. For plans to come together. I have been writing a post about this, but it is taking too long. It is full of huge concepts that I am trying to unpack.

Stormy. Like me on the phone to the 'service' desk.This week things have not been smooth. Sunday afternoon, toddler decided he could pull the power pack for the MacPro from the wall by separating it into its two parts while it was plugged in. Luckily, it didn't electrocute him. It did however, cease to function. Kaput. I unplugged it. I plugged it in to the adjacent power point to check. Nothing. Defunct. Right them. So I ordered one. I knew I was busy Monday, and home Tuesday. It would be delivered Tuesday. Fine. Conserve battery till then. Easy.

Monday was good. Play date was lovely. Nice afternoon. Then 10pm, disaster. Sick Toddler. No day off for me! No dentist appointment, no childcare, no coffee out, no blogging. Oh well. Such is motherhood.

On the plus side, a delivery notice arrived in inbox. Dispatched, scheduled for Tuesday. Fine will be home with sickie. All day. Waiting around. Looking after sick toddler. Very clearly home. Then at 2pm my inbox tells me, Delivery attempted 12:08 – No One Home. Card Left. Pardon??? I was here. All day. No card was left. I called. Rescheduled. Made a complaint. Asked about the missing card? No explanation.

Wednesday. No work. Sick toddler. Here I am. To make sure, I didn’t miss the delivery, I left the front door wide open. Music on. Recovering toddler hooning around. At 11-30 inbox tells me, Delivery attempted 11:14 – No One Home. Card Left. I went out to the letter box. No card. Front door? Nope. Back door? Nope. Call the service desk. Complain. Loudly. Shoutily. Getting cross. Quite cross. Was not pretty. Then I call Apple. Inconvenience she says. $20 gift voucher she says. Return and refund, she says. Right I say. I rush the toddler into car. Drive 5 minutes to the shop. Hand over the money. Collect power pack. Quick hello to my lovely man, who happens to work around the corner. Get in car. Come home. Plug in. Nothing. No light. Hmmm.

Check other power point in the pair. Nothing. But a little sizzling noise. Fuck. Move to another power point. Light is on all fine. Sometimes life is just annoying. Now is one of those times.

Now, of course at the end of the sequence, Zorg gets his comeuppance. But I like to think that it is because he is evil and not because he is neat.