Blogvember post 14 … the mornings

I am not a morning person. This will not be news to any of you who have seen me in the morning.

While I can get myself sorted and to work at a decent hour, I do not like the difficulty of it. The zigging when everyone else is zigging. The busy-ness. The mayhem of leaving the house. The finding of shoes.

If I had my druthers, I wouldn’t have anything to do with it. I’d zag when everyone else was zigging. I’d sleep and miss the whole horrible thing.

As you can imagine, this has made parts of my life a bit complex. My entire childhood for example. Early motherhood was a bit challenging. I am not, geared for five o’clock starts.

morning light

What I actually like is starting around 8am and going til about 11 or midnight or so. This of course is not possible, routinely anyway, unless I am prepared to go without sleep. I have a two year old, who mostly sleeps through to at least 6:30 but not always, I have a job, I have responsibilities.

Occasionally, I daydream about being a proper night-owl. It does conflict with my existence somewhat. And I really need a solid eight hours sleep. All too difficult with a child and family and a job.

Sometimes I do get up early, mostly accidentally. Take the other morning. My darling child was murmuring in his sleep. I didn’t check the time and in spite of having had an absolutely crap sleep, I just got up. I’d made tea and had hung out all the washing before I realised that it was only then 6:30. I’d already been up for at least 20 minutes. The light was gorgeous. And there is no quiet like morning quiet.

When I do stay up late, really late, it is never as quiet as it is in the early morning. On the occasions when I do get up early, I am very smug about how I can achieve with time I would ordinarily use for sleeping. It’s just that the going to bed part is extremely difficult. Early rising needs to be accompanied by early bedtimes and then I feel like I am missing out. No late night jazz. No nightcaps. No Miles Davis. No staring at the night sky.