Raspberry? I can make that noise


Cheeky monkey

Driving into Civic one morning – 14 April – I heard an unusual noise coming from the backseat. Sounded like a very wet raspberry being blown. When we arrived I scooped Benedict up out of his seat and he blew a very wet bubbly buzzy noise. He seemed quite pleased with it. He’d been practising all the way into town and then proceeded to continue all through our shopping trip.


The day my baby tried to swallow the wind

Benedict first experienced the wind on a particularly blustery cold Canberra day in early April. We went out to lunch at a friends. When we arrived there was a stiff southerly blowing. As I lifted Benedict from his baby capsule, the wind caught him full in the face. He gulped and blew bubbles and tried to swallow the air rushing towards his little face. He has such a bewildered expression on his face. The bubbles kept coming as he tried to fathom this new experience.

Bubba feet

Benedict Marcus William Gotts – 27 December 2009

Early March. It has been almost 10 weeks since my baby was born.

My life has changed completely.

11 January 2010


The day Benedict was born it was raining. It rained and rained and rained. I could hear the rain on the roof while I lay exhausted on the bed with the tiny baby snuggled into me.

Our little baby took a long time to arrive. After an easy and happy pregnancy I finally went into labour on Boxing Day while having my breakfast. I had narrowly avoided a Christmas Day baby – but was quite ready to be NOT pregnant. Progress was slow and for the rest of the day not much happened. It seemed our son was contented and despite being 6 days overdue, he wasn’t really ready to be born. Following a visit from the midwife and a trip into the Birth Centre during that day; finally at 2:30am on the 27th my waters broke spectacularly all over the dining room floor.

After a lot of effort on my part over the next 20 hours or so, Benedict was  born at 10:37pm on Sunday 27th December 2009. In my exhausted state apparently I asked if it was a baby. One too many jokes during pregnancy about my bump concealing a medicine ball! He was 3.96kg and 53cm. Pink and wriggly he was perfect.

It was pouring with rain. Robert was overjoyed and bounced around the place. Mum was bursting. Of course they had been awake and supporting me since the morning of Boxing Day and we were all completely exhausted too. All the pain and suffering was worth it. There was my little baby! Finally he was here.

Letter to my baby 10 December 2009

10 December 2009 - 38 weeks

This is a transcription of a letter I wrote to my baby on 10-12-2009

I am sitting in Silo having some lunch. I just had my 38 week appointment with Philippa, the midwife. The baby’s head is now engaged which means it’s not long to go at all.

It gave me a very special feeling to know that you are really coming now. It wont be long and I will get to meet you for the first time. I am very excited now.

It is extremely hard to sleep and you are running out of room. In the night your wriggling keeps me awake, It reminds me that you’re there and getting ready to come into our lives. You have been present but hidden like a deep secret that is slowly slowly being revealed. I wonder what you might be like? What colour eyes you’ll have? How little you might be?

I saw a lot of new-born babies at the hospital today and they look tiny and pink with little twig like legs. You will be like them. Only better!

All the preparation is finally nearly finished. Everything is ready in your room. Christmas is fast approaching but it is not nearly as exciting as the thought of you being born. Soon I will be able to cuddle you and see you and smell your new-born baby smell.

With love, your mama x