The cat’s out of the bag


The problem with being a control freak, is that the conceit only works if everyone else plays along too.

You can only keep it together if everyone else involved falls into line and lets you imagine that you are in charge. The problems begin when other people in your orbit, have to make their own decisions and have their own ideas. I’ve been keeping an open secret. It’s probably the worst keep secret in the world, but I was convinced that the withholding of information would give me control over who knew what when. All was going fine until one of my siblings needed to make plans and made assumptions.

He assumed that this open secret was now out. He let the cat out of the bag from halfway across the world. He didn’t know I was waiting. Trying to get things lined up before I released the information.

It’s done now. May as well tell you. We are getting married.
Please, mum don’t ring me and ask me eleventy billion questions. I will tell you. When I am ready.