Just cleaned pumpkin off a toy soldier … and other phrases I never thought I’d write

I have learned the past five months to try not to lose my sense of humour. Babies and chaos and mayhem go together.

Reporting for duty

It is important to just put on a clean shirt and solider on! (Of course, that is if you can find a clean shirt.) So while I sponged pumpkin puree off a soft toy soldier, I thought about how I once had a clean life. With Sylvie and I together there was hardly any mess and my cleaner in Sydney would occasionally run out of things to do. Now of course there is mess everywhere, in spite of my efforts to keep the place tidy, if not clean. I remembered also that there were nights at home in Sydney in my clean house with my neat cat, when there was no one there to laugh at my jokes, no one to tease me or share my nice wine. There were times when I needed help and there wasn’t any.

Now of course, I have help, wine and laughter. As well as a son. And pumpkiny toy soldiers.