Letter to my baby 10 December 2009

10 December 2009 - 38 weeks

This is a transcription of a letter I wrote to my baby on 10-12-2009

I am sitting in Silo having some lunch. I just had my 38 week appointment with Philippa, the midwife. The baby’s head is now engaged which means it’s not long to go at all.

It gave me a very special feeling to know that you are really coming now. It wont be long and I will get to meet you for the first time. I am very excited now.

It is extremely hard to sleep and you are running out of room. In the night your wriggling keeps me awake, It reminds me that you’re there and getting ready to come into our lives. You have been present but hidden like a deep secret that is slowly slowly being revealed. I wonder what you might be like? What colour eyes you’ll have? How little you might be?

I saw a lot of new-born babies at the hospital today and they look tiny and pink with little twig like legs. You will be like them. Only better!

All the preparation is finally nearly finished. Everything is ready in your room. Christmas is fast approaching but it is not nearly as exciting as the thought of you being born. Soon I will be able to cuddle you and see you and smell your new-born baby smell.

With love, your mama x