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Write on Wednesday … the re-write

Last night I dreamt I went to the dam and saw it.
I felt the chill standing there by the thick reeds and mud, while I tried the edge, it was too dark to go in. There was a dark house behind me. In my dream I heard children calling out and I searched the water for their faces. I peered in through the dark rust coloured reeds. I called but the dam had no answer.

It is always the same dream. The house has infinite rooms. Rooms within rooms. Boxes filled with treasures. Secret staircases that rise high into the building with no sense of reaching another floor. Then, suddenly, it is all on fire. Burning to the ground.

. . .

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Write on Wednesday … the clock winked

Write On WednesdaysThe clock winked. In the dark room as she turned over, the green panel glowed and illuminated one side of her face. As she turned, she saw it over her shoulder. It was dark and quiet. A winter early morning, the sun wouldn’t make it over the mountain for another two hours. She was still but not asleep. She could see perfectly well by the glow of the clock, 2.56 it told her. It was mocking her again. Why was she awake? Again? All these freezing dark nights, with no early easterly sun streaming in. Too cold to get up early, it was the perfect weather for sleeping til the last possible moment. Yet here she was not asleep.

Over and over in her mind she turned the conversation. Just wait here, she had said. Wait? Here? Why had she tried to reconnect. It was finished. In the dust of the past. And then, suddenly, she re-opened it. Now here she was, in the glow of the clock, awake, in the middle of the night.

Write on Wednesday … losing

‘I can’t stress how important it is that we behead this fiend.’

Write On Wednesdays

‘I can’t take it anymore, it’s ruining my life.’ Read More

Write On Wednesday … He filled his glass

He filled his glass, emptied it, and fell silent, immersed in his own thoughts. Just wait here, she had said. Wait? Here? For what? It’d been more than five years since he had seen her. Six years? Maybe seven years? Long enough to have thought he’d never see her again. Long enough to have forgotten all about the promises he had made. Wishes they had long ago left behind unfulfilled, bubbled up in his mind. Read More

Help me chose the book for Write on Wednesday

I need some help. (No not like that!)

This week on Write On Wednesday, I have to chose the eighth book from the shelf and use the eighth line from the eighth page to start a five minute writing exercise. Fine except which shelf? Read More

Write On Wednesday … I failed


Write On Wednesdays

This week’s task for Write it Wednesday was about dialogue.

Specifically, Detective Dialogue: For this exercise you need to be a little bit sneaky. And brave. You need to be around at least 2 other people (or a small child who will happily chat to himself and/or imaginary friends). Write down a conversation/ dialogue exchange as you hear it.

Now I totally failed this task.

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Coldest day for a long time

Write on Wednesdays – this is an online writers group writing exercise – thanks to InkPaperPen and to The Rhythm Method.


Write On Wednesdays

(This is a warm up exercise, to limber up my writing muscles. I am supposed to write about myself right now for 60 seconds and give you some insight into me using all five senses.) Ready? Set? Go

Today was the coldest day for a long time. Right now I am lying on the couch full of cheese toastie, pumpkin soup and chocolate self saucing pudding. I feel warm and cosy for the first time all day. I have a heat pack against the 7th and 8th vertebrae of my spine. These are the ones that defeated the osteopath, in spite of her best efforts at lunch time. The 4th was compliant, eventually. My neck and back do feel better.

I can hear the clattering of dishes from the kitchen. Questions keep coming about what to do about this or that. The heater ticks and whirs. The grey cat lies right under it. Stretched full length. At the back of my neck a draught breezes past me, reminding me of the glacial chill of the wind today.