Blogvember post 15 … the mid-point

It’s the 15th! It’s half-way. Blogvember is now balanced on this post; which serves as a fulcrum balancing what has gone before and what is yet to come, what is yet to be written.

Possibly the most beautiful celebratory gin and tonic ever

There are still posts to write. There are still ideas. I am having them ALL THE TIME. This is one of the positive aspects of focusing on the discipline of writing every day, it makes you think about writing. What to write, how to write, when to write. Writing, writing, writing.

I was writing in my head this morning – how I wish someone would design a translation machine so I could just think words and they would somehow be made into text! The post I was composing on the way to work was very self-reflexive. I should explain how I am arriving at each post. I should tell the reader how this or that idea was garnered. I should do some analysis of themes. Then I came to my senses!

The ‘show’ don’t ‘tell’ aspect of writing, is important for blogging too. Maybe there are themes. Maybe the order of the writing matters, but it probably doesn’t and if I did write about it, it would be massively self-indulgent. (See there? I didn’t need to tell you that either. It was already plain to see.)

One of the difficulties of blogging, is the direct opposite of its most interesting appeal. You can write about anything you like! You can write anything!!!

At first, I used to swing between a kind of writerly paralysis and a desire to write all the things at the thought. It’s mine. I can write and publish anything. Excellent.

With great freedom comes responsibility, not to mention the risk of boring your readers to death.