Piqued … write on Wednesday

Write On WednesdaysPiqued by the absence of wallet, the dark formal shoes, she waited impatiently for the evening.

For the actual date, the one they had arranged a week ago. Not the accidental, impulsive coffee date, which wasn’t a date, but it was.

The order of things was not quite right but the intrigue level was high. She rang one of her friends. Do I have to dress up? There was an audible intake of breath and then a shriek. YES, of course you do. Why are you on the phone? Go and get beautiful. Get dressed. Go now! Goodbye.

For weeks she had been trying not to think about the possibilities. Now, after coming back here to face the new life she had haltingly started only a few months before, romance was the furthermost thing from her mind. Now, mind racing, she had to think about it.




This week’s Write on Wednesday idea comes from this lovely place.

Thanks Felicity.