Write on Wednesday … character …

Write On WednesdaysRight. Down to business. This week’s Write on Wednesday is really truly a writing exercise. As a blog post, it may not be that interesting. I don’t know, I haven’t written it yet. If you get bored you may like to read this or this or this.

This week there were a few choice words of advice provided by Kylie Ladd over at Life In A Pink Fibro. To help. Or make us more intimidated by her excellent characteristion, depending on your point of view. This week too, there is a little more explanation required. The instructions the lovely Gillian has given for this week’s Write on Wednesday are ‘Think with Character’. I am going to write about the character from this post.

The one who left a him shaped hole

The thing I noticed first was his hands. Strong, competent with close pared nails. Not workers hands. Not hands that were shifting bricks, or digging holes, but hands that could have been turned to these tasks, were they required. The shoes intrigued me too. Polished black leather. Old fashioned in a way. Straight stitching across the toe. Worn with relaxed pants, these black shoes, that harked back to being dressed for dinner, were out of context.


In his hands were some photographs. Large format black and white photographs. Some were of ships. Some were of the coastline. They were in a scruffy, stiff white envelope. He was on his way to the framer. But he had stopped to met me. To see me. To buy me a coffee. Why we were here only became clear later. This dirty, down at heel, cafe used to be good, once.

He talked softly but laughed loudly. His wide smile crinkling his eyes. His yeah, yeah, yeah punctuated my sentences like a verbal nod. He put his hand in his pocket. He pulled out a pile of cards and receipts and folded money. No wallet? Just a pile of torn and grubby cards and rectangles of plastic.